Contact Lenses

Here’s the rule of thumb when you wear contacts – you have to SEE GOOD, your eyes need to FEEL GOOD & they have to LOOK GOOD.

CONTACT LENSES wearing depend on individuals. Some like to make fashion statements without glasses, others use them for sports purposes. Your optometrists will be able to recommend which types of contact lenses suit you based on your objectives and personal preferences.

SILICONE HYDROGEL contact lenses allow more oxygen flow into your eyes.

EXTENDED WEAR CONTACT LENSES give safe overnight wear or naps.

COSMETICS or colour contact lenses give you either subtle or dramatic change, to match special occasion or even everyday wearing.

TORIC contact lenses provide good vision for those with astigmatism

If you are above 40 and do not want to wear glasses, good news! PROGRESSIVE CONTACT LENSES can give you the same look & convenience.

If you are a contact lens wearer, make sure you go for after care consultations regularly to minimize eye problems.

h2>Some of our Contact Lenses


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